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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So I just embarked on a new Scripture reading plan, and with that has come some opportunities to reflect on what I have read. Reading Genesis, I am simply filled with the sense that before me is ancient wisdom--- words from long ago, describing a world of long ago, and the wisdom trickles down as we listen with the ear of our heart today.
Upon first glance, there are those experiences of: "Aha, I forgot about that!" as well as incidents where I wonder: "What is really going on?" as the text seems to make quick transitions to my contemporary perspective. These things have been duly noted, but probably what strikes me the most right now is the simple powerful message of God coming down to earth to speak to people. We don't always get the sense that these people are amazing. However, in the case of Noah, he seems to stand in opposition to the violent society around him. These people are striving to cultivate a righteousness... or they are walking with God. To Walk with God...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Kayaking Epiphany

Today, as I was kayaking, I was more tired and even felt a little sick. This was not expected. I apologized to Alison for being a wimp and told her that I would paddle over to the nearby beach. Alison said: "You are not wimpy; you're just doing what God is telling you to do... Going to take some time to listen to God's desire." This reminded me of our Ignatian days, and I was very happy.

As I lay on the beach, my mind was so full... I remembered how Henri Nouwen wrote about taking time to listen to God's voice of love in our lives. This set me thinking on another topic: unconditional love.

As I lay on the beach with all my seasickness and vulnerability, I was listening to all the voices and people in my life that seem to be saying: "You are not good enough. Not good enough for me. You are not making the right decisions. You are not doing enough." As I stopped to observe the voices, something deep inside of me cried. I was sad. I recognized so fully why I was so tired. I recognized why we are encouraged to listen to God's voice of love in our lives. God's love is unconditional. We are told to get up and challenged to listen and be better, and yet there is also and always grace.

Grace has transformed my life, and as my relationships embody grace, I will continue to grow. None of us are perfect, and we struggle in our conditions and self-philosophies. But today on the beach, listening to the voice of God's love, I had the epiphany that I am meant to bolster this voice of grace on the earth. I believe that God has gifted us with different callings. I am, with all my weakness, intelligence, vulnerability, loveliness and myopia, meant to be a minister of grace in this world.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

What makes a Desirable Life?

A process reflection for the 4th of July entitled "love to all"

Today, I ask: What makes a desirable life? Is it the life of the movies or the life of cultural conditioning-- earning all the laurels and money to make one comfortable?

I am a consequence of my education, and that education taught me that there is something of lasting value in standing with the poor-- To live a life of grace and laughter versus Sisyphusian Achievement.

Poverty has many faces... it is found on every continent: Some of its names are resentment, oppression, hatred, fear, talk that spurs division rather than community, etc.

As Mark Twain has written, however, "Courage is not the absence of fear. It is simply resistance to it."

I am a consequence of my faith. And Christ stood with people, stood beside people, and risked all for people. How to live in honor of that?

What makes a life desirable? Perhaps being close with those one loves. Being able to share freely of one's heart and mind and soul. And more so, risking, giving, sharing, caring for all: Faith. Grace. Peace. Love. What makes a desirable life? LOVE. love to all.


This day, I am grateful for:

familiar faces
time alone with my thoughts and notebook
deep-pointed questions
intentional sharing
the sun and breeze
the future
the past
the youth at my church

A little thought of the day.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Are Things What They Seem?


I have seen that some things seem true up close and others not so.... I have seen riddles solved at a distance or debacle at heights. The navigation requires time, the willingness to see, and the courage to make mistakes.


Pokerface No!!!!!!